Poking Wires

If you have a wire grow long due to tooth movement, it may stick out past the end of the last bracket. You may trim the wire with a nail clipper behind the last bracket. You may also apply wax to prevent poking. (Be sure the wire is dry by using a Q-tip before you apply the wax).

Loose Bracket

If a bracket becomes loose in between two other brackets you may place a line of wax over the bracket and two adjacent brackets for comfort. If the loose bracket is at the end of a wire you may slide the bracket off the wire using a tissue to hold on to it to prevent swallowing it. You may then clip the wire close to the next bracket and place wax as needed for comfort.

Twisted Bracket

If a bracket becomes loose and twists around on the wire causing irritation, try twisting it back so that the pad faces the tooth. Place wax for comfort.

Broken Wire

If a wire breaks and is uncomfortable, you may pull the broken pieces out with tweezers.

Figure 8 Broken or Sticking Out

Sometimes during treatment, Dr. Caryl will place a zigzag kind of wire underneath your arch wire to maintain the position of selected teeth. The end appears to be a twist tie and can sometimes come untucked. This can be corrected by using a pencil eraser to push it back under the wire. If it is broken, tuck it in and use wax as needed.

Bracket Door Open

If a door is open, push the wire into the bracket and push up on the bottom of the bracket to click it closed.

Lost Colored Ties

If one of your colored ties comes off the bracket, please call the office so that it may be replaced. 

If the instructions worked and you are comfortable, always call the office and leave a message concerning the problem you had. We will return your call when the office is open to check on you and to make an appointment to repair or replace wires or brackets.

If none of these instructions work, or you are experiencing pain, call the office at (315) 487-0744 and listen to the message for a number to call for emergencies.